Construction Support Services

Present and Accountable

Meet project schedules, stay within budget, and ensure quality from beginning to end.

Creating Clear, Concise, And Constructable Plan

Construction success doesn’t start when permits are pulled or when the first shovel hits the ground. A successfully constructed project also relies on all the work that came before mobilization.  Constructibility is built into everything we do and produce at Watkinson Engineering. We draw on more than 15 years of consulting and construction experience to keep your construction project out of trouble and in the green. We support the entire project team, before and after groundbreaking.

engineers reviewing civil drawings

Quality is in the Details

After permits are pulled and construction begins, engineers still have a critical role to play. Site conditions in the field often differ from what is shown on the survey, and excavations routinely uncover unknown issues. When these discrepancies arise, you need a project team that is available and accountable. We visit the construction site regularly and make ourselves available to answer questions as they arise to ensure the project schedule stays on track. We can assist with

  • Clarifications on design elements
  • Recommendations regarding site conditions
  • Answer construction RFIs
  • Review materials submittals
  • Ensure compliance against drawings
  • Identify unnecessary costs or change orders; 
  • Propose economical alternatives
  • Attend construction-related meetings
  • Post-construction walkthrough – punch list

Civil Construction Support Services

Continuity and Consistency

Whether you’re developing a small or large project, you want an engineer at your side. Watkinson Engineering works closely with you and your development team to ensure that the approved project documents are understood and followed throughout the construction process.

engineer reviewing mobile device