Off-site Design and Permitting

Additional Required Improvements

Expert knowledge and experience tailored to support your schedule and permitting needs.

Improving Your Permit Experience

Whether a land use code requirement or mitigating a project impact, nearly all developments will have some level of off-site improvements required. We have extensive experience with transportation and utility departments in Seattle, Bellevue, and surrounding areas and can assist you with the design and coordination needed to get your project to the goal line. 

We can help you understand these complicated requirements and navigate available options. Once the plans are approved, we will assist your contractor in pulling all the appropriate permits.

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Enhancing Existing Infrastructure

Many projects in the Greater Seattle area require the developer to make improvements to public infrastructure. This may include anything from improving sidewalks and roads, to replacing or extending water or sewer pipes, or mitigating traffic impacts.

In those situations, you don’t want offsite permits to delay your project schedule. Watkinson Engineering has extensive experience in urban redevelopment and off-site design and coordination to address these types of issues, including:

  • Utilities upgrades/extensions 
  • Storm drainage
  • Latecomer’s or utility extension agreements
  • Roadway improvements
  • Pavement/sidewalk design
  • Landscaping coordination
  • Driveways
  • Lighting coordination
  • Street improvement permits (SIPs)
  • Utility major permits (UMPs)
  • Street use and right-of-way use permits
  • Engineer’s opinion of probable cost (OPC) or cost estimate
  • Peer review or evaluation

Extending Throughout Our Communities

Growing communities also means improving infrastructure. Adding new sites or increasing density requires infrastructure to serve the new demands. Existing infrastructure ages and needs to be replaced to keep a community functional. 

In Seattle, the updated codes have made utility main extensions and upgrade requirements increasingly more common.  We have the experience and expertise to guide you through these ever-changing requirements.

A Realistic Approach

A Realistic Approach

Jurisdictions occasionally ask for more than the minimum required. Working closely with local government officials and agencies, we’ll make sure your development follows zoning, building codes, and other regulations while ensuring your project avoids unnecessary or unreasonable infrastructure or cost.

Meeting The Challenge

Meeting The Challenge

With Watkinson Engineering, you have a partner by your side. Our team will work diligently to solve any site improvement challenges with creativity, flexibility, and perseverance.

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Off-Site Improvement Support

What Are Your Options?

No matter what stage your project or design is in, we are here to help you understand any off-site requirements and to work through available options to get your project approved.

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